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The Hybrid
Baglama Boxer

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Sinan Ayyildiz

Sinan Ayyildiz studied at the Turkish State Music Conservatory in Istanbul. He plays a long-necked (sometimes double-necked) Turkish stringed instrument called the bağlama (pronounced BAH-le-mah) in a style called şelpe (pronounced SHEL-pee), which involves an overhand 8-finger tapping technique. His repertoire includes Turkish, Persian, Armenian, Bulgarian, and Western Classical music. Sinan is playing on the right side of the screen in the above video. Check out these videos of him on Turkish national television (with and without his band Etnika).

Fatty K

Fatty K makes beats with his mouth. He is Belgium's heavyweight beatbox champion. HERE he is in a former battle with Roxorloops. HERE they are tagteaming in a club a few years ago. Check out him beatboxing on Baglama Boxer (from Stereognosis' The Hybrid, with Sinan and Miles on baglama and upright, respectively).

Abbos Kosimov

Abbos Kosimov is a master percussionist from Uzbekistan. In the above clip, he is playing an instrument called the doyra. He also plays the qayroqs, the darbuka, the dof, and the riqq. He has recorded withStevie Wonder. He has performed with Bela Fleck, Kronos Quartet, and Zakir Hussain. Check out this video with the Homayoun Sakhi trio.

Miles Jay

Miles Jay studied middle eastern music theory and performance on upright bass at UC Santa Barbara before going to Egypt (where he recorded with Hazem Shaheen) and Lebanon (where he performed with Fairuz). Miles played at TED 2013 and recently played at the Met with Naseer Shamma. He is the musical director of the Nile Project. He can be heard on Niyaz's Nine Heavens and is prominently featured on Steregnosis' The Hybrid.